3D Compounding For Personalized Care

Enabling pharmacist to produce personalized medication, locally and on demand.  

3D printed pills offer multiple advantages for patients, MD and Pharmacists. 

No manual cutting of tablets at home. No bad tasting oral liquids. Just one easy to administer tablet, tailored to your personal needs.  

Every patient is unique. Pharmacogenomic research proves that 10% of all treatments will be more effective with reduced side effects when tailored to the patient.  

Our automation and standardisation of manual compounding enables pharmacist to deliver improved quality tablets. DoseRx1 is a plug and play device reducing labour and time.   

Doser technology enables researchers to explore new drug formulations in multiple research fields; Systems Medicine,  Tapering Medication, Combination Therapy and Modified release products. Shape, taste and colour can all be adjusted to achieve optimal treatment solutions. 

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