Doser Shines at CES Unveiled with Revolutionary Drug Manufacturing 3D Printer

Doser captured the spotlight at CES Unveiled in Amsterdam, previewing their groundbreaking 3D printer for drug manufacturing ahead of the main CES event in Las Vegas.

There’s a distinction between merely attending a convention and capturing the undivided attention of its attendees. Last week, Doser achieved the latter at CES Unveiled!

Doser was among the distinguished exhibitors at CES Unveiled, a prelude to the renowned Consumer Electronics Show (CES) set to take place in Las Vegas next year. Hosted in Amsterdam, this event drew a substantial Dutch audience eager to preview the technologies slated for the main show.

While it’s true that our core technology isn’t directly geared towards everyday consumers, its resultant products most certainly are. That’s why we were keen to showcase our groundbreaking 3D printer designed specifically for drug manufacturing to the general public. Our participation at CES Unveiled was not just about presenting a product; it was an opportunity to engage with tech enthusiasts, receive feedback, and explain why the future of medicine is decentral.

We look forward to pushing the boundaries further and ensuring that our innovative solutions make a significant impact on the world of drug manufacturing. Stay tuned for more updates as we approach the main event in Las Vegas!