Doser secures investment to deliver the first 3D printed tablets to patients

Today, personalised medicine is often viewed as a luxury due to its high cost and limited availability. Doser is set to change this narrative with the introduction of the DoseRx1, a groundbreaking 3D printer with cartridges specifically designed to manufacture customised medicines directly through pharmacies. This innovation promises an accessible, affordable, and safe means to personalised medication, with wide-ranging applications including lower dosage, easier to swallow or better tasting medication for children, and individually tailored medication to minimise side effects.

The vision driving Doser is to make this groundbreaking technology a standard of care – affordable and available to all. Achieving this requires not only innovation but also strong strategic partnerships and investments.

Libertatis Ergo Holding (LEH) and Stichting Apothekers in Loondienst (SAL) have come onboard as strategic partners. Their extensive network of pharmacies, doctors, caregivers, and investors, combined with their investment, is instrumental in propelling Doser’s vision. This backing, along with previous investments from esteemed institutions such as Zuid Holland, Rabobank, NFKC, and NWO, will fund the production of additional DoseRx1 printers. These will be deployed across various Dutch pharmacies, aiming to deliver the first 3D printed tablets to patients by 2022.

The co-founders of Doser, Arjan van Unen and Niels Ouwerkerk, are elated with this development. They view this as a significant milestone in demonstrating their innovative technology’s potential to doctors, pharmacies, and most importantly, patients.

In their words, “This is a critical step towards proving the promising capabilities of our technology. Our goal is to make personalised medicine a reality for everyone, and these partnerships are bringing us one step closer to that vision.”

With a clear path set and strong strategic partnerships in place, Doser is poised to make a significant impact on the future of personalised medication, making it more accessible and affordable than ever before.

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