Exploring new ways to develop solid oral dosage forms

We’re thrilled to provide some electrifying updates from the heart of our operations – Doser Lab! Our exploration into the enthralling realm of 3D printing for pharmaceuticals continues, and we’re constantly unearthing new methodologies for developing solid oral dosage forms.

One of the most compelling advantages of our pioneering technology? A previously unmatched level of drug personalization that traditional mass production methods cannot parallel. Imagine customizing medication doses for each individual patient – tailoring the size, colour, flavour, and even shape of tablets to suit each patient’s preferences.

A key focal point of our recent work is enhancing the patient appeal of 3D-printed tablets. Our strategy? Incorporate essences and food colouring into the printing paste, making regular medication more pleasant and palatable – a particularly significant improvement for children and individuals on long-term medication.

We’ve experimented with fairly simple formulations, managing to find a way to blend essence with food colouring. The end result? Tablets that not only offer an appealing scent and taste, but also have a colour that corresponds with the flavour.

To offer some insight into our advancements, we proudly showcased these flavoured and colourful 3D-printed placebo tablets at the Naturalis Biodiversity Center earlier this year. We received first impression feedback from 150 visitors of varying ages who viewed and smelled the tablets. The response was overwhelmingly favourable, with attendees expressing great enthusiasm for the diverse shapes, sizes, colours, and flavours of the tablets.

Our excitement continues to build as we push the limits of what’s achievable with 3D printing in pharmaceuticals. Stay tuned for more thrilling updates straight from our lab!

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